Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!  I turned 47 years old today.  For some reason my mind went back to one of the first memories I have.  My mom teaching me Psalm 9 before I went into Grade 1.

"With all my heart I thank Thee Lord
Thy wondrous deeds I will record
Thou art my joy, in Thee I'll glory
With psalms most high, I will adore Thee."

The beautiful bouquet from Brian today:

So much.  Beauty and Thankfulness.

I did do a few things today besides reading all the lovely Facebook Birthday greetings!  Wow!  This is what makes birthdays so much more fun... it's a community of sorts... and I love it.

I made some muffins.  They turned out despite the fiasco with the blender.  That didn't work so I transferred the whole mess to my mixer.  Flourless muffins - not bad at all.

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