Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014

It was the weekend.  I missed a couple of days on here.  Oops!  Friday evening Faith left for the Camp Nakamun Winter Youth Retreat for the weekend.  Brian and I decided to celebrate our Anniversary in style and stay in Westlock on Saturday night, go to church with Brian's mom and dad on Sunday and then pick Faith up from Camp Nakamun Sunday afternoon.  We had a nice a relaxing weekend.  It's always great going to Barrhead Alliance Church, too.  We are welcomed with open arms and it always feels like a wonderful homecoming.

A few pics for fun:

At the carwash

oh my!  Is the car windshield really cracked that bad?  ouch!

Driving the prairies between Barrhead and Edmonton:

Back in the big, busy city once again:

Had to grab this picture with my phone today.  Brian's mom is doing so well and looking amazing!

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