Saturday, July 24, 2010

Multi-Purpose Deck

Don't you just love the spaces you own? 
Here is the deck Brian built a couple of summers ago - ready for an evening of relaxation and music....

.... or an early Saturday morning of coffee, reading the paper, and fixing a tool or two. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Being Neighbourly

Living in a town or city we all have opinions about our neighbours; whether good, bad, or otherwise.  But have you ever stopped to consider what they think about you?

This is what my yard looked like yesterday:

Thankfully our neighbours are away at work all day!  :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hotflashes, memory loss, mood swings - is this really it?  Or is life just playing jokes on me... my poor hubby and daughter think it's a pretty bad joke if it's not for real.  Yesterday I was on my way to Goodwill Store and even told my sister that's where I was going but then I ended up in South Common wondering which store I was going to... was it Walmart or Superstore... yikes... it's supposed to be the Goodwill store and now I'm in the wrong part of the city.  Forget it - I'll just buy all my stuff at Walmart today.

Then today I'm thinking I have all this time in the world, after all look at the clock in the livingroom....

It's only 2:00 - maybe I'll even get a little snooze in... I sit down at the computer to check my email a minute and glance down at the computer clock:


No wonder I can't get it together - even my slaves and helpers are deceiving me!  Better not take that snooze - I might not wake up until tomorrow.

Who was William Cowper?

Faith was playing this Hymn yesterday out of a very ancient Hymnal, and it got me to thinking about the person who wrote it.  It's interesting to note that William was a person filled with doubt at times, suffered from severe manic depression, and worried about his salvation.  But yet he wrote Hymns filled with hope and encouragement. 
I love the line: "Redeeming love has been my theme."

"William Cowper (26 November 1731 – 25 April 1800) was an English poet and hymnodist. One of the most popular poets of his time, Cowper changed the direction of 18th century nature poetry by writing of everyday life and scenes of the English countryside.
Cowper suffered from severe manic depression, and although he found refuge in a fervent evangelical Christianity, the inspiration behind his much-loved hymns, he often experienced doubt and feared that he was doomed to eternal damnation. His religious sentiment and association with John Newton (who wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace") led to much of the poetry for which he is best remembered." (Quoted from an online encyclopedia.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have you ever Googled your own name...

... and come up dead? Interesting to think about...

"Show me, O Lord, my life's end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting is my life. "- Psalm 39

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lord of the Starfields

I'm listening to the Bruce Cockburn song 'Lord of the Starfields' right now and thought of this picture I took the other night before a storm hit... I'm always in awe of Father when I look up to the sky. Even now it's thundering outside.
Here are the words to the song:
Lord of the starfields
Ancient of Days
Universe Maker
Here's a song in Your praise.
Wings of the storm cloud
Beginning and end
You make my heart leap
Like a banner in the wind.
O Love that fires the sun
Keep me burning.
Lord of the starfields
Sower of life,
Heaven and earth are
Full of Your light.
Voice of the nova
Smile of the dew
All of our yearning
Only comes home to You.
O LOVE that fires the sun
Keep me burning.
That just says it all... so perfectly... I'm feeling it!

Bugging You No.1

A massive fly was buzzing about the house bugging our cat. It finally landed on the window and I snapped this picture. Haven't heard it for awhile now.... I wonder if Diago had it for lunch!