Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014

I have had a productive week.  I can always tell by the mess I make.  I am doing the year-end books for our church and my house is small.  What can I say except:  "No one use the dining room table for the next week!"


Two computers on the go because the laptop is so old and slow (but it's the church computer with the book keeping software) and my personal computer- because hey!  I still have to check facebook every once and awhile and it is a lot quicker for researching any questions I might have as I do my job.

~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~

I am always thankful each and every day that I have the best live music to accompany my tasks.  There really is nothing like it!

~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~

On another note, it's been so warm around here you'd think it was spring come early!  Even though I love the warmth and having to put on a lot less outer wear, I am never ready for the other thing that comes with living in our cabin... BUGS!

Here is a little creature running for his life across a chair in the living room.  Run! Run!  Okay we won't kill you this time - you're just too cute!

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