Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

A little bit of catch up here.  Boy it's been a busy week!  I did manage to take some pictures along the way and so here is a bit of the story in pictures.

Faith was finally done all her diploma exams on Friday and so it was time for a celebratory trip to West Edmonton Mall.  We acted like tourists... it was a good time together!

Faith found a couple of new outfits that were totally her at a couple of stores she loves.

When we got home I was SO done with all the busyness and the Mall noise I did not want to make supper.  So Faith offered to make pancakes... she even cooks with her own personal flair!

Saturday morning was practice at the church for Sunday music.  So I got up early and got all the binders ready for the team Brian leads.  Always a job and a half.  As you can see by the file box, I am slowly getting more organized and streamlined... finally!!

Today was a wonderful celebration of singing praises to our King and Saviour, hearing a thought-provoking challenge from Trefor Higgins and then eating together in celebration of our unity and community!

Here is a youtube link of the songs we sang in church today.  
The ones on the link are song by the original artists.

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