Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

K, the days are flying by.  It's been busy here that's for sure.

Faith's diploma exams need to be written at an approved writing centre which for us just happens to be 45 minutes away on the West End of Edmonton.  And she has four of them to write on different days spread out over 2 weeks.

Then yesterday we had record breaking weather here in Edmonton and area.

It was +9.7C before 5 am yesterday morning.  This is what it was when I got up:  +7C!

And not only that, the same day we had record breaking gusts of wind.  One was even recorded at 120 km/h - that's the force of a Hurricane level 1!!  What is happening.  At least we didn't experience too much damage like trees falling, or vehicles tipping, but our house felt the blast and decided to let go of the flashing along the roof line.

And through it all our cat Diago had the most fun of all!  He ran around inside the house all spooky-like for most of the day and then crashed:

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