Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Renos No. 2

So yeah, Faith's Bedroom and the Schoolroom are now painted!  It was a big job.  So many patches to do and the doors and some casing needed to be replaced.  Brian also built a couple new window frames too.  But it looks awesome. 

It's hard to take pictures of tiny rooms but here is Faith's room - the mattress is on the floor right now because we were measuring for space.

The otherside just has an empty shelving unit... waiting for me to get to work and sort things out.  Brian built this unit for Faith's room in Three Hills but it also fits in very nicely here.

Faith asked me not to put anything back in her room because she wants to sort out stuff and get rid of things.  It'll be interesting to say the least; I will get started tomorrow.  Here are the piles to be sorted:

YIKES!  (I see her dresser in there)

Here's some more stuff stored in our bedroom.  It's a virtual obstacle course for me to climb into bed right now so I'm motivated to get this all cleared out!

Some of this stuff has to go into the schoolroom.  One of the shelving units from Faith's room is now in the schoolroom and that will come in very handy.

Tonight we will finish building her bed - Brian started it last night out in the garage but it gets dark by 9:30 already!!  And we don't have any lights or heat out there.  This is how far he is:

It's going to be wonderful when it's all done.  But that will be in another posting.

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