Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting a Bigger Bed = Full Upstairs Renovations... PART 1

So Faith mentioned to us one day that she needed a bigger bed - sure no problem we'll see what's available at Ikea.  But then Brian pointed out that a Double bed would not fit in Faith's bedroom.  Well let's see if we can move her shelving out of there into her school room.  But that won't fit unless we move our full size dresser out of the school room into our bedroom.  But that would mean switching our bedroom around.  OKAY!!!  So we switched our bedroom around and made the full size dresser fit.  We had to take the mirror off of it though, because otherwise it would cover the window.  So we put the mirror half way on the dresser and angled it around the corner so the rest of the mirror is on the other wall... looks not too bad. 

Now that we're doing that maybe we should paint the school room and Faith's room.  Off to town for paint we go.  Oh! Remember all those passage doors we bought when they were on sale? - we can put those in now too, and replace the damaged and kicked in doors that are upstairs.

Our house was a wreck when we bought it as a foreclosure but we keep thinking we'll either fix it up and make it livable or just tear it down or maybe just sell it again.... so we waffled around for 4 years and now we decided to get a few things done.

Today I completely emptied out the school room and got it ready for paint - or at least as ready as we're going to get it.  The drywall nails are popped all over the place, the tape is rippling in the corners - but hey, we're just going to make it look nice.... stop yourself from going any further, Brian.  STOP!! Otherwise we're back to having to tear down the whole house again. 

There is a lot of banging going on upstairs as Brian is now figuring out a way to level the new doors he's trying to put in.  How can walls be out of level by an inch in 4 feet??  Oh yeah - this is a cabin - don't think, just make it look pretty.


  1. So awesome to see you have humor in these comments! Let's see how it goes as the work progresses... :)

  2. Nice work!!

    Rose B.