Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Does A Heart Stretch 1000 Kilometres?

We made the 1000 km trip to 100 Mile House, BC to bring our daughter to Lake of the Trees Bible Camp.
She is going to be there until August 21st working in the Work Crew Program and going through a leadership training program.

I'm thankful that on the way there I saw this sign and took a picture of it... little did I know that that would be my journey for the next little while:

I feel like that beat up old truck now that I'm back home and Faith is 1000 km away - but I'm reminded to Praise God and let Him be my refuge!

We had a beautiful trip there and enjoyed a stop at the Jasper Tramway - we went to the top and did some hiking there... what beauty!

A worthwhile venture for anyone!  The town you see in the background is Jasper - we were so high we felt level with the mountain tops... amazing!

We finally got to Lake of the Trees - the area was filled with smoke because of all of the Forest Fires in the Province but still the beauty compares to none I have ever seen... such a beautiful, beautiful place.

We had a relaxing time doing some of the activities the camp has to offer - the Kayaks are a new addition to the camp and are thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Here is a lovely view from the Dining Hall Lodge:

But eventually the real reason we were there became obvious and we had to leave... without our daughter.  Wow!  That was and is a very hard thing to do - we feel so far away from her but yet we know she'll be having a life-changing experience.  It was neat to be there for a few days and see her get settled in with 22 other Teen Workers... she has to really pull her weight and do many, many tasks and chores and physical labour, too!  But they also have lots of time down at the waterfront and also doing team-building games and spiritual growth lessons.... what an adventure.  When we left she was on kitchen duty and I snapped this picture of her:
So now I'm here at home and she's WAY over there... wish I could give her a hug!  But I'm learning a 'Heart Stretching' lesson.... one I don't think I'll ever forget!


  1. You need really stretchy arms for a long distance hug!

  2. What a beautiful place. Looks like she is going to be very busy so don't worry too much! My dad-in-law when he was a police officer used to say "Boredom is the devil's playground". :) Thinking and praying for you now. I would feel the same as you!

  3. On the May long-weekend, we went up on the Whistler Mountain by tram...it is a spectacular sight to see creation from waaaaay up there.
    I am thinking of you...reminds me of when Robyn was in grade 10 and spent the summer in Winnipeg, and realized that they are growing up and we need to let go, just a little bit. Hugs are coming your way!!! {{{HUGS!!!}}}

  4. Jo, do you have some 'gadget' arms around somewhere?? :-)