Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Full Moon on a Tuesday Night (Reno #3)

What happens at our place on a full moon?  That's what the neighbours want to know, too.  They hear screeching, whining, swishing & voices coming from our garage... what could it be?

Ah!  We're working on Faith's bed - that's all!

Here is the next step completed.  The head board still needs it's cross slats put in place but we primed the area we're going to paint so that it will show up behind the clear wood slats.

It'll all be finished tonight!


  1. Hmmmm, sure, we believe you. Your neighbors, on the other hand, may think you are building a grow-op/up. LOL!

    Rose B.

  2. ...and in this community it would totally be possible AND acceptable. The previous owners of our home actually had one here... yikes, hey? I personally know of several neighbours who are regular users so there would definitely be a market... LOL!!