Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13, 2014 - On the Job

Today Brian and I started a kitchen install at a new little home north of Spruce Grove.  A little too early in the construction process for a kitchen - but there we were, ready with our marching orders.  The house does not have power yet, and except for the kitchen area, is still in stick frame stage.  We used a generator though and that worked.

A wonderful couple is building this on a lovely piece of property .  They have 4 boys and decided there was better things they could do with their money then put it in a home so they will be moving here as soon as it's done (800 sq ft. footprint).  It does have a basement and a dormer upstairs.  Very cute!

Well needless to say there was no functioning bathroom... and so I enjoyed the 'natural' today.  I did find some cool things to photograph though and here is the result of that.

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