Thursday, February 16, 2012

Favourites # 21

Yesterday was watching days at the Dance School.
I took a few pics of Faith.

Enjoying Her Progress
 Ballet Slippers

  Pointe Shoes

 Getting ready for the pain



  1. Neato! Okay, I am clueless....didn't realize that the front of the ballet shoes have a square kind of platform. Wow! Great balance!

  2. It's only the Pointe Shoes that have that - to spare the toes... but still it hurts big time - there's blisters and occasional bleeding - which is totally normal! (A new kind of normal haha!) Professional ballerinas have to get a new pair of shoes after every performance because of the wear and tear of the 'box.' It took Faith 8 years of ballet training before she was ready for Pointe Shoes. You really have to build up the muscles in your ankles, etc. Some dance schools put children into Pointe Shoes way too early and the damage to the feet is going to be long-term. Faith's teacher waits until the girls are at least 14 - 15 years old - and still you can see the shape of the feet change because of it!

  3. Oh wow! I definitely learned something new. Uggh....ouch!