Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brian's Horribly Horrendous Saturday!

Brian had a few days off and so we decided it was time to get a few things done around our little home.  Faith and Brian made a start on some new kitchen cabinets (pictures to come later) and went to town to purchase some subfloor since all of our floors need to be replaced too.  Plans were drawn up for a proper stairwell and we started thinking about how to replace our bathroom - and how about paint colours and trim?  Oh so exciting... it's finally going to happen after 5 years of hemming and hawing: to fix or to replace our home.

Brian thought the best place to start structurally would be to open the hatch into the crawl space (mud hole) and see if anything needed supporting or lifting - since our home is sitting on wooden beams.  Oh!  What a problem that turned out to be.  The entire space under our house was filled with water!  We don't have a basement just this muddy crawlspace.  So now to pump it all out.  A neighbour had a sump we could use and Brian went to work... drilling a hole in the wall to feed the pipe out and 1.5 hours of straight out pumping... so much water.  The next step was to put in a permanent pump.  

What a day!  Several trips to town before everything we needed was purchased... and every trip is 20 - 30 minutes one way!  Then the crawling in and out of the muddy hole - and showers in between each time.  Yes, I do declare this the worst day ever for my husband!

Here are some pictures so you can get a little feel for the space he's been working in and maybe you can feel sorry for him too (and say a prayer or two)  :-)

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