Saturday, September 10, 2016

And then I blinked... Letter to my Adult Daughter

Dear Faith,
Today you turn 20. Pondering this has made an interesting week for me. All week I’ve been having this feeling of time flying by. Of never having the baby stage, the schooling-you stage, the watching you go through puberty and adolescence, the music and dance festivals, driving you everywhere, the hours waiting for you.... EVER AGAIN! Yes, I’m still your mom - and having an adult daughter is an adjustment for me but yet, I would never want anything different.
Some things I thought about this week:
  1. The first time I saw you, I knew the process of letting go had begun. I knew you would grow out of needing me in the same way that you did then. As each year passed, our relationship changed. I knew I had to concentrate on raising an adult who would be confident and independent. But still I loved you so much as a little dependent too.
  2. I liked you the way you were at each stage. I would love to freeze all of those stages and be able to go back and hug that little person at each stage. I also would not mind doing a few things differently now that I know what I know now.
  3. Being a mom for the past twenty years has been the best thing ever. If you are an adult, that changes my responsibilities. What is that going to look like?
Today I’m so proud to see you turn 20 because I think the world needs more adults like you. Adults on fire for Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit and open to opportunities to serve others. If I would try to keep you from being an adult it would also keep you from being the adult that the world needs. You will be an agent of change because you – and others like you – are the best part of our future. You are compassionate, fun loving, gentle and confident. You see the best in people even when they have given you many reasons not to do so. You have a plan for the future - a plan to help others and go where the most help is needed. You are a super hard worker, know how to work with people, and are just awesome. The world needs you, Faith, and if I just continually look back and wish you were little again, I would actually hold you back; would not let you be the beautiful adult you are. There is a limited supply of awesomeness out there, and you have a big quantity of it. Sharing you – adult you - will help all of us. The world is a good place because you are in it. And I’m so glad we are now good friends and can go through life together as adults. What a blessing. I’m excited to see what is in the next year for you!
Happy Happy Birthday! Love you all the numbers!!
I will always be praying for you,
Mom xoxo

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