Saturday, May 23, 2015

Elk Island National Park May 22, 2015

We went for a drive on Friday night.  The weather was so sunny and warm and I'd been itching to get out there with my camera to see if we could luck out and see some baby Bison.

Driving through, the first thing we came across was this precious little family.

I was happy after seeing these cute little babies.  There were no Bison around, so we decided to go for a walk along Astotin Lake.

There were a lot of people enjoying the Park and we could see the Campground was filling up.  We sat for a moment at the playground to reminisce a bit, and think about the fact that we were now in the season of planning our time again as a couple only.  Mental Adjustments.  It kinda feels like the 10 years we were married before our daughter came along.  But better because now we can hope and pray for her future and see her excel at who she is.

It was time to go.  The sun was near setting and we wanted to get home before Faith got home from her weekend job at the South Cooking Lake Greenhouses.  

But wait!!  What is this?  STOP THE CAR!!  We hopped out and had the most amazing 1/2 hour watching these magnificent Bison.  You could hear the grass rustle as they moved about and every once and a while you'd hear some grunting too.  Finally they left the clearing, crossed the road right next to where we were standing and moved on.

Our Friday night was perfect!

"Oh LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is Your name in all the earth!
You have set Your glory
above the heavens." Ps. 8:1


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