Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I learned so much at a Saturday Conference this past weekend.  The presenter was a counselor who works out of Cornerstone Counselling.  The topic was:  Deeply Rooted:  Calm in the Chaos and we looked at Stress, Anxiety and Depression.  Here are a few thoughts that I'm working on:

We give our power away to win approval.

When we worship we go quiet within ourselves, our personality.  We go still because we're tapping into God - letting Him breathe into us.

Rest in your difficulties; don't push against it - don't hide or run from it.  Go through it, inviting Jesus to be here.  Sit down a moment, do some deep breathing, find Jesus within and start a verbal list of thanksgiving.

When you fight a thought you increase the pain of the thought - don't resist the thought but back away from it, and look at the bigger picture - I'm in Christ, step into Him.

Choose to meditate on the truth.  (Read Psalm 27)  The Lord is my place of safety.

Shame sets up perfectionism and control.  Be real instead of going inside and self protecting - be willing to share weakness.

You'll have no expectations of others when you are secure in Christ.  We don't need an agenda, after all, we are going to leave this earth someday, so let things go now.

If we really die in Christ daily, we let go.

A busy surface life stops us from noticing subtlety.  Realize that what connects us to others also breaks our hearts.  Don't run away.

Our lives change when we decide to be true to our authentic selves working only to express joy, talents and gifts.  This will cause our inner beauty to move to the surface.... we become real.

This is bringing me joy this morning - to see this blooming on my windowsill.  Amazing Beauty!

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