Friday, January 30, 2015

The Story Behind 'Love Note in the Sand'

We were walking along the shore line and I just HAD to go in - the thought of standing in water that might have touched countries like Korea, Africa, Australia just captivates my mind and imagination.

I finally convinced Brian to take his shoes off too.  It was a stretch for him, but he got into it, and next thing I know, he's writing all over the sand.  I was so pleased to see him in relaxation mode.

I had to get one in too.... :D  <3 p="">

I turned around and saw this:

Later on in the day, when the tide was coming back in, 
we went to look and see if the waves had washed it away yet.  
We just sat up there and watched for the next hour and a half 
while the Ocean did it's mighty erasing.

Turn up the Volume - this sounds amazing!

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