Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seasons Change

Whoever thought the long summer days of trampolines and sprinklers would be gone?  The days of dollies and bedtime stories?  The 'hide and seek' when daddy came home or the 'riding of the horse' on daddy's back galloping all over the house?  The puppet conversations, the home school 'trip around the world'?  The piano lessons and ballet and many many hours of car chats to and from.  Who thought they would end?  I thought these days would last forever.  I know these years were in preparation but suddenly adulthood is here.  She is 18.  The girl I waited for for many long years has now moved out and is going to university.  I loved all those dress-up days and tea parties and trips to mini golf and go-carting.  Holidays dancing on the beach at Tofino, building sandcastles at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park.  Long, beautiful, relaxing, lazy tube runs down the river.  The piano concerts, and dance recitals.  I could keep reminiscing about what were some of the best years of my life.  

But what's really exciting at this season of life is seeing what is happening today.

Faith is confident, sure of her relationship with her awesome God, she has a caring and serving heart - a lovely thing to witness.  The first time she drove the truck off of our property by herself with that huge smile on her face, and a wave, I knew she was going to thrive as an adult.  She held a job at the greenhouse and at the Royal Alex hospital, and even working for her dad at times, showing herself to be conscientious and hardworking.  And now she has moved in with Auntie and is a student at the MacEwan University.  What an accomplishment!  She pushed through a very difficult semester in Grade 12 and ended up acing her most difficult subject - Chemistry.... she sailed through and had her 82% average to be able to enter the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. 

 She is thriving in the city, another testament to her character:  making a friend with the 'grandpa' bus driver on route 111, talking with the homeless near her school, joining the Swing Dance club and volunteering with Circle Kiwanis International Club.

When we cleaned out her room of 'stuff' together it was a great transition time.  Watching her decide what to keep and what to give away was enlightening.  It also gave us a time to reflect on the past all the while realizing we were moving forward.

It is exciting to be her mom and now friend too; seasons change - we will not just survive, we will thrive.

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