Thursday, July 18, 2013

My daughter with the big ♥

Today, an 84 year old man came into Diagnostic imaging in a bed. He couldn't really talk and he was very shaky. I took him to our CT scanner and got him set up; he was always watching me... I would take the time and talk to him, telling him what was going on.

When I took him back to our stretcher bay, I asked, "Are you cold?" 

He nodded his head a little bit; the first reaction I had gotten out of him in the whole time I was with him. His eyes were bloodshot. I got him a warm blanket, covering him up with it and talked to him for awhile. I had time. Then he started crying, while looking at me with a little sad smile on his face.

He wiped away his tear, and then he reached up with his shaky hand. He took my hand in his and brought it up against his cheek and held it there. I felt so much compassion for him I nearly started crying then and there.

When the porter came to get him later, I made sure I was there to wave at him as he left. He saw me, and his face lit up a little bit as he recognized me.

These are the moments that makes life worth it ~  Faith Holwerda 16

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