Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Farm Fair 2012 Triple Date

Thanks for taking these candid shots on your phone, Faith.  We had a tonne (pun intended) of fun watching the Heavy Horse Pull Competition.

On the way to the pull Diane decided that instead of eating out she'd bring a lunch to eat on the way... well you might call it a lunch - but it was decadent!!  Especially for all 7 of us in the Suburban.  She started off by handing each of us a paper plate with Egg Salad on Rye Bread with Pickled Carrot sticks on the side.  Then she asked if we wanted dessert.  I'm thinking maybe a piece of fruit.  She opens her cooler again and passes around apple crisp with ice cream on paper plates with spoons!  What a hoot! yum!

When we got to the horse pull, Mom and Ron were there already and had saved us all some great seats.  The Horse Pull started off SO slow but it was interesting to watch the interaction between the owners and their horses.  Later on, Diane came up with the idea that we should each choose a team to cheer for.  That made it much more interesting to watch... and by the end we could not believe how much weight a team of horses could pull!
Thanks Mom, for keeping us all fed with popcorn and water - It was great that you and Ron were there.  Faith got a real kick out of texting with you during the competition!  Made it fun for her too!

On the right is:  John Cairns, Brian Pederson and Brian Holwerda
On the left is: Louise Holwerda, Carol Cairns and Diane Pederson

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