Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Favourites # 8

Trip to Jasper for our 25th Anniversary...

When the sun shines... wow!

We saw various wildlife - thankfully Brian didn't mind stopping every few seconds for me to get out and snap a picture.

This little guy behaved like a dog.  He wasn't scared of any person or vehicle - he was squirrel hunting.

This mommy moose was lying in the bottom of a creek... her two little ones were nearby but I couldn't capture them... we were quite high above them, and they were in the bushes.

 Viewpoint at Medicine Lake

The day was utterly grey... it felt like I was taking pictures in a Black and White setting - so beautiful:

So once in a blue moon I let someone take a picture of me.... 
here it is:

 Oh give me a home.... ♪ ♫ ♫

Can you believe this is Jasper in January?  + 6C

I love playing around with reflections... this seems like a Bev Doolittle "Hide and Seek" painting:

Check out the orange lichen... such contrast on the black stone:

We drove out to Patricia Lake - the wind was blowing hard, but you can't tell - the lighting was perfect:

The next day we drove to Athabasca Falls.  This was so neat to see... I've only ever seen it in the summer - but the ice!  God's own handcrafted Crystal Cathedral!

 When we left Jasper, the sun was once again shining on the mountains - we kept encouraging each other to look in the rear view mirror - "look now"  "oooh, look now!"

Brian stopped so I could take one final picture....  aaaah!


  1. Breath-taking pictures! I like the one with Brian's reflection! I'm glad the weather was good. Good thing your anniversary wasn't this past Sunday or Monday. :-) Brr.... I left Alberta on Tuesday morning at around -38C and reached Toronto the same day at +8C. My dad's birthday was kind of spoiled a bit with the plumbing in their house not working, etc. Mom had to cancel any plans for a big party. Then someone backed up into their house wrecking the side wall by their master bedroom. LOL

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  3. I had to cancel my last message before this repeated the one prior to it. :-)