Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Favorite Tree Ornaments

I hope you enjoy my tree treasures!

I made this tree topper at a Ladies' Retreat

Faith made this for the tree when she was in PreSchool and she made sure it was on the window side of the tree "So that the birds will see it, Mom!"  It's been on the window side ever since!

    Faith made this for me when she was in Kindergarden.

My Mom made these.

This pretty bead wreath was made for me by a little girl name Bethany
back when I was a Sunday School Teacher at the Barrhead Alliance Church.

   I purchased this at a Christmas Craft Sale in Three Hills
   made by one of the Students' Wives.

This was in a Christmas Card I once received from Aunt Sharon.   

Missionary friends of ours to the people in Pakistan brought this back for us -
made by Pakistani women.

I got this back from my mom's tree when she decided to switch to a mini-tree.

I can not remember where this one came from - but I love it!