Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Husband's Hands

These hands are gifted hands.
They strum the finest music,
They create beautiful furniture,
They draw and paint.

These hands are loving hands.
They give countless back rubs,
They're often folded in prayer,
They love to hug and hold.

Rough, Smooth, Busy, Quiet
I love his hands!


  1. Beautiful, Louise.
    I still remember Hilda Tams (not sure who she married now...there are a number of Hilda Tams) years and years ago singing a country song called "Father's Hands". I remember she sang it beautifully, but I can't recall who the songwriter was or all the words. I need to look them up.

    Rose B.

  2. The Judds sang a song that Brian and Mom both sing... probably the same song... called Daddy's Hands.

  3. That's so nice! Love the peom!
    P.S. That song always reminded me of my dad. They were always so weather worn and hard from working with them, and yet so soft when he used them.

  4. Thanks... I like to write poetry once in a while... when I get inspired!